COLUMBUS FUTURA CROSS PLUS 1-1/2” Fork (RTP - Ready To Paint), Fork, IMG.1

COLUMBUS FUTURA CROSS PLUS 1-1/2” Fork (RTP - Ready To Paint)


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The features which made this fork a point of reference, now been enhanced for travel, cycle touring and bikepacking! The most prominent and immediately recognisable feature on each of the Cross+ carbon fork blades are the famous eyelets for bikepacking. Compatible with the most current lightweight luggage carrier systems (in Anything -Cage style ) these eyelets guarantee a wide range of different bag configurations. From a light ‘performance’ trip to a big tour, even for self-sufficient adventures, on and off-road, with a surprising load capability. Additionally, to better meet explorer’s needs, Cross+ also introduces an internal cable housing system for hubs with integrated dynamos. Thanks to this feature, it is now possible to connect the most up-todate hubs to your onboard electrical lighting, navigation and energystorage systems. Moreover, the internal cable housing ensures ideal protection from bad weather and accidental collisions, guaranteeing it’s incredibly ‘clean’ both in terms of aesthetics and use. The Multi-Rake system, already widely appreciated on the Futura Cross, completes this technology package. This system allows for useful fork offset adjustments, based on the chosen wheel diameter and tire width, as well a variety of load and reactivity needs.